How to Choose Your Wedding Date

You have 365 days to choose from, so what is the best date to get married? Of course, it’s ultimately your day to choose, but how do you decide? Here are some tips to creating your dream wedding on the day that will forever be remembered in your heart.

Choose the Season for Your Perfect Wedding

Looking for spring flowers, summer sun, fall leaves or a wedding in winter? Each season offers its own set of magic. Of course, choosing the best season for your wedding will probably be narrowed down depending upon a number of factors.

Depending upon where you live, the changing of the seasons bring different weather patterns. As a general rule, the most popular times to get married are spring and summer. Be aware that different seasons change the cost and availability of everything from the flowers to the venue itself.

Consider the Days NOT to Get Married

If you want everyone you invite to attend your wedding you might want to avoid the following dates:

  • Holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day, Labor Day and other dates are often times when your guests would otherwise be vacationing. Religious holidays can cause uncomfortable decisions for guests.
  • Your out of town guests will have to pay higher prices on flights, hotels, etc.
  • Super bowl Weekend & The World Series: If you mind half your guests searching for the nearest television set, choose another date.
  • Weekends that include a Friday the 13th – many believe it’s bad luck
  • September 11 – it’s a sad day in anybody’s book
  • Daylight savings days (some guests are sure to show up early or late!)

Don’t Forget These Other Factors When Choosing Your Wedding Day

  • Budget
  • Venue availability
  • School & work schedules
  • Travel for out of town guests
  • Hotel availability
  • Flowers that are in season for bouquet’s etc.
  • Wedding apparel

Good luck on choosing the wedding date that will be your special day forever.

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