Each wedding has its own vibe, usually representative of the couple who are exchanging vows. There are four traditions however that seem pretty constant. Here’s a quick rundown explaining four of most popular wedding traditions.

The Wedding Veil – The wedding veil, regardless of its length has long been known to ward off evil spirits. By covering the brides face with a veil it is believed to keep the bride hidden from spells from demons and witches.

Why Wear a White Wedding Dress – Cream, ivory, off white…they are all some variation on the traditional white wedding dress. Although emerging trends also include pink, blush and even black, traditional brides prefer white. Ever since Prince Albert wed Queen Victoria in a pure white dress in 1840, it’s been said to be the most queen like option. After all who doesn’t want to be “princess of the day” on her most special day?

Having Bridesmaids – The bridesmaids responsibilities are many, but in their most traditional role, they were chosen to protect the bride from evil spirits, similar to the wedding veil. Originally called upon to dress just like the actual bridesmaids to confuse evil spirits on who was the actual brides. And, believe it or not, in the 19th century many couples invited them on their honeymoon as well.

The Tradition of Tossing the Garter – More than just a good reason to show some leg, or totally embarrass the bride, the bridal garter was considered to have magical properties. Traditionally male guests would try to pull them off in order to pin them to their hats as a sign of good luck. Today many use the traditional garter belt for their “something blue.”

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