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Jewelry is inspiring. Jewelry is mood elevating.  And sometimes jewelry makes for crazy story lines.

Picture Perfect, Drone Assisted Proposal

Move over selfies! A popular trend on social media is proposal videos. A Cambridge Mass. man kicked it up a notch armed with drone technology.  While the couple walked the beach, a drone swooped down and delivered the engagement ring. As the man proposed, the drone hovered and recorded every detail including the lady’s yes!

Wearable Tech Jewelry

If form is as important as function, the Fitbit® inspired jewelry line that debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas will be right up your alley. These bracelets, watchbands, and pendants are embedded with proprietary crystals that keep track of steps, sleep patterns, distance traveled, and calories burned. Now this is wearable tech that’s going to make you fit and gorgeous!

A Bling That Blinks

Can a cocktail ring double up as your smartphone assistant? A New York based startup thinks so. They’ve launched Bluetooth enabled cocktail rings that connect to your smartphone. These rings blink or vibrate every time your smartphone receives a call or text. So when your phone is lost somewhere inside your purse, don’t fret….a tickle or blink from these cocktail rings will alert you about that call or text.

Now “Here Comes the Bling”

A Taiwanese Australian bride left a glittering trail of $8 million in jewelry in an English abbey when she married a popular Asian pop singer in an English abbey! We’re quite sure wedding guests are still pinching themselves over this extravagant spectacle.

Recycled Barbie Jewelry

A Brooklyn based jeweler picks up vintage Barbies, breaks them apart and puts the broken limbs and parts together to make jewelry! For example, Barbie’s ears and lips become creepy earrings, or arms and hands come together in a spooky bracelet!

Jewelry that Saves the Day

Here’s a smart pendant that helps secure your safety. This pendant helps you send emergency alerts to friends, family or even 911, using wifi and data. When pressed, the pendant sends a covert voice or text message with your profile and location to the local 911 dispatch.

More Crazy Holiday Stories

Salvation Army’s Red Kettle campaign this holiday had many diamond ring donations. One remarkable story came out of Cambridge, MA where a widow dropped her $1850 engagement ring and wedding band into the kettle to help buy toys for needy children. After this donation became public, another widow, passed on the kindness by donating $21,000 to the Salvation Army with a request that the rings be returned to the owner.

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