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Opal or Rifle – Take Your Pick!

We are certain that nothing can top this weird and whacky Georgia jeweler’s Christmas give-away. At the annual raffle organized by the jeweler, the top prize was a choice of an opal and diamond pendant valued at $2400 or an AR-15 rifle worth $1000. The jeweler specified that if the rifle were chosen, the winner would have to pass necessary background checks.

Ancient Menorah Bracelet

In the thick of Hanukkah celebrations in late December last year, Archeologists in Israel excavated a glass bracelet that had motifs of menorah. The bracelet dates back to around 1700 years ago, belonging to the late Roman or early byzantine period.

Twinsies in Pink and Pearls

Lady Gaga and Asia stepped out together in New York City wearing matching pearls and pink manicures. For the uninitiated, Asia is Lady Gaga’s French bull dog!

Most Expensive Holiday Gifts

Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather- one of the highest paid athletes in the world – spent quarter of a million dollars ($250,000) in New York City buying holiday bling for everyone on his gift list. A diamond tennis necklace and bracelet, a diamond studded watch and a diamond pendant were few of his extravagant purchases!

Out of this World Diamond

A U.K. jeweler blew up $20,000 last August as part of a whacky publicity gimmick. The jeweler let loose a 1.14 carat diamond worth $20,000 in a helium balloon that treasure hunters scrambled to find. Hopes of it being found were almost dashed until a retired truck driver’s pet dogs sniffed out the jewel a couple of months later. The couple plan to sell the “beautiful diamond” to fund an anniversary cruise vacation!

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