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palladium wedding bandIt’s shiny, it’s precious and you love it. Gold is a soft, malleable, precious metal that’s been used since the dawn of history for coinage, jewelry, and more recently, for industrial uses like electric wiring and dentistry.

The allure and mystery of gold continues to this day. Gold earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces (chains) and pendants continue to be worn by women throughout the world. Gold warms up both skin tones and hearts.


Why gold is used for jewelry

Other than the fact that it’s gorgeous, gold is perfect for jewelry because it doesn’t tarnish when exposed to air or water and resists corrosion. It is also the most pliable of all metals, which makes it easy for jewelers to twist and turn into all kinds of exotic shapes. Although white gold is very popular for jewelry, gold is naturally yellow, but can be mixed with other metals to become white gold (when mixed with palladium or nickel) or rose gold (when mixed with copper or silver). Pure, 24k gold is so soft, it is usually alloyed with other metals when making jewelry to increase durability.

Symbolism- Yellow like the Sun, the Best of the Best…

Gold is often used in awards ceremonies with medals of honor, such as the Nobel prize and Oscars, being made out of gold or made to look gold. Gold is a symbol of success. It is also used in the language to symbolize goodness and kindness, with terms such as “a heart of gold”. The “golden ratio” and “golden rule” are other terms used that denote gold’s association with perfection. The “golden years” of one’s life are considered the most accomplished and wise. And indeed, gifts of gold jewelry are an excellent way to celebrate them.

Wedding rings are made with gold because gold remains unchanged for eternity, thereby symbolizing the everlasting nature of the wedding vows. Gold is something left from the ancients that we still appreciate today. Given all this remarkable history and traits, it’s understandable people bring out gold when they want to bring out their best.

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