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designyourownA halo setting is a cluster of accenting diamonds that surround a larger center diamond or gemstone. One of the benefits of a halo setting is it dramatically increases the perceived size of the center stone, offering maximum impact for one’s money. The halo design outlines and highlights the main stone, drawing your attention to its individual beauty. This beloved style also catches and flashes light back at the center stone, making it appear more brilliant. The halo style became popular in the 1920’s, and was part of the art deco movement in jewelry, and continues its prominence in the world of jewelry today. Princess Di and Kate Middleton’s engagement rings are both halo settings, featuring a large sapphire encircled by glistening smaller diamond side stones. Halo settings are the second most popular type of engagement ring today, after the solitaire setting. It’s called a “halo” setting, because it looks like a “halo” encircling the center.

Halo settings are perfect for engagement rings, pendants and earrings. And, since every angel needs a halo, it makes the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

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