Just in case you haven’t noticed, almost all advertising and promotional pictures for watches show the same set time.  10:10.  And it’s the same for digital watches too!

Why is that the exact time chosen?  The theories for why all watches show 10:10 in photographs are indeed unusual. But here are a few:

V for Victory

The hands are nearly symmetrically balanced on the face of the dial at around 10:08. Thanks to this symmetry,  they form  the letter “V”, which as you know, symbolizes victory.  Is this a subliminal message to make the potential customer feel  victorious? ( In addition, it is believed that the human brain appreciates symmetry as well as orderliness.)

In Honor of Freedom

Many say that that 10:10 commemorates the time that  Abraham Lincoln died at the hands of an assassin. However, this theory on watches seems misguided, they say although Lincoln was shot around 10:15 PM,  he actually passed the next day morning at around 7:22. Ooops.

Happy Thoughts

Look close, you’ll notice that hands set in the 10:10 position create a happy face.  Subliminal, again?  Perhaps, but we all love to wear things that make us happy.

Spot On Advertising 

According to many companies, the reason they set the hands at ten-ten is to put the company logo on the face where it is framed, and not blocked by the hands.  Although the chosen time used to be eight-twenty, many believed it looked like a frown, and who wants that?

Put Time on Your Hands

Bottom line: once you start wearing your timepiece, 10:10 is going to appear two times a day.  It’s certainly not the reason you choose a watch. What’s important when buying a watch is making sure its of good quality with a style you’ll love long term,  regardless of the time.

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