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RM2615XW-08_1Big, flashy, and bold, cocktail rings are designed to get attention. The design is usually a super-sized center stone surrounded by tiny diamonds or gemstones. Their history dates back to the 1940’s and 50’s during Prohibition when cocktail parties were illegal and yet widely thrown among the wealthy. Wearers of the cocktail ring were breaking the law with style.

Today, cocktail rings are worn to awards ceremonies, Hollywood film premieres, the theater, opera, or any dressy, formal occasion the wearer sees fit. Cocktail rings may also be called cluster rings or dinner rings. Given the gargantuan size of the center stone, cocktail rings are expensive; to cut costs they can be made with affordable gemstones, like amethyst, topaz, peridot or garnet. The more common customer aims for a more understated cocktail ring look, with smaller stones. The super wealthy have no problem affording cocktail rings made with diamonds and costly gems and indeed, the tabloids have made it a sport tracking the priciest cocktail rings that the latest celebrities are wearing.

What finger is best for a cocktail ring?

Cocktail rings may be worn on any finger except the left ring finger, which is where engagement and wedding rings are traditionally worn. The right ring finger is the generally the accepted finger to wear cocktail rings on, with the right index finger being next in line. When it comes to “the best” it really has to do with personal style, making any ring acceptable for a cocktail ring if it’s the one you prefer.

Cocktail rings scream glamor and self-assured style. Garnish your next cocktail with a cocktail ring, darling!

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