Just when you thought women had already borrowed everything from a man’s wardrobe, from boyfriend jeans, to boyfriend letter jackets of old, boyfriend watches have emerged. What exactly are these popular wrist watches? Before we begin, let’s clear one thing up, you are not necessarily borrowing your man’s watch, in fact, that’s cheating, you should be buying your own, with a hip style all its own.

Now to the question of what exactly is a boyfriend watch. Simply stated, it’s a timepiece made for a woman with many male watch features including a more “masculine” face and hand treatment, larger in size, lots of electronic gadgets, chunkier bands, cool stainless accents, etc. Often, boyfriend watches mimic a man’s watch as much as possible, while adding decidedly feminine accents like diamonds, pink faces, colored bands, etc.

Over Sized Boyfriend Watches for Under Sized Budgets

Afraid this boyfriend watch bonanza is just a fad. No worries, you can pick up a new men’s style watch without breaking the bank. Many famous name brands, as well as private labels, (Allurez watches for instance) have quality timepieces at all different cost levels. Just be sure not to sacrifice great quality for just another pretty face!

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