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A bar necklace usually refers to a horizontal bar that comes attached on either side by a matching gold or silver chain.

Bar necklaces are a hot trend in jewelry that’s surely catching.

A raging style trend lapped up by Hollywood, many celebrities have been spotted with this minimalist, very trendy piece of jewelry, on the red carpet or a grocery run! They have either chosen to wear their bar necklace on its own for an understated look or layered them along with longer and shorter necklaces. Many have chosen to engrave that gold bar necklace with their initials, their love interest’s names, or even their pet dog’s name!

Read on and you’ll soon see that a bar necklace with it many shapes and sizes is a trend that’s here to stay.

Personalized Necklace with Straight Bar

A silver or gold necklace that has a horizontal, flat and straight bar, can easily transform into your canvass to have anything you fancy engraved on it- your name, your child’s birth year, etc.








Curved Gold Bar Necklace

If the flat, horizontal bar necklace is not your style, here’s a curved gold bar necklace that’s sure to light up any ensemble.






Horizontal Gold Bar Necklace with Diamond Accent

Raise the bar with a delicate silver or gold bar necklace that has a gemstone or diamond accent.







Straight Bar Necklace with Diamond Dazzle

Kick it up a notch by adding a dash of dazzle to your ensemble with a straight bar necklace with end to end colored gemstone or diamond accents.

Curved Dazzling Diamond Bar Necklace

Delicate, thin bar pendants that are curved and have pave set diamonds or gemstones end to end, lend that dramatic brilliance to your look.








Whether you wear it on its own, or pair it with other necklaces for a more layered look, the bar pendant necklace is that versatile piece of jewelry to dress up or simplify your look for any occasion. Complementing any look or mood, the bar necklace is sure to become your most valued possession.

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