The alluring split shank diamond ring setting features a band that splits in two as it reaches the diamond center stone. A solid banded bottom gently splits into two separate bands that slope and sometimes join again at the top, representing the bringing together of your two separate lives. The two split shanks have been simply separated from each other by a space, or include bands that are twisted, woven, or even free form. Used to make the center diamond appear larger, split shank rings often meet up at a halo of diamonds framing the ring’s dazzling center.

Vintage Split Shank Engagement Rings

In addition, those who appreciate engagement rings and jewelry in the vintage style will gravitate to a split shank as it reflects the flair of many proposal rings from earlier times. In addition many split shank style rings feature additional diamond side stones on the splits themselves. These exquisite split shank rings are available in multiple carat weights and precious metals.

Split shank diamond rings are stunning designs that create a magical illusion in which more than one ring appears in a single piece of jewelry. With a multitude of subtle variations anyone who fancies unusual rings is sure to find a split shank beauty that suits their personality and design sense perfectly.

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