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We all know that jewelry can make or break any outfit. Few among us have the innate ability to just know what necklace complements that strapless gown or work attire. So, for the rest of us, here’s help. Our cheat sheet that talks about flattering necklace styles for each neckline type is sure to help you along.

Turtleneck – Bold, chunky necklace or long strand of beaded necklace or Diamonds by the Yard complement this high neckline.

Crew neck – A short necklace or choker follows the contour of this neckline.

Scoop neck – Most necklace lengths flatter this neckline, except those that skim the neckline. Go with multi strand or chunky necklaces.

Strapless/off shoulder neckline – Go with collar, choker or princess length necklaces that are set in delicate, single strand designs so as not to detract from the overall effect of your outfit.

Square neck – Short choker or necklace with round contours work best with a square neck style. It’s best to avoid angular detailing.

Asymmetric neckline – Necklaces with some form of asymmetry like different shaped or sized beads are flattering.

Halter strap neckline – Single or multi strand slim pendant necklaces that rests just above the cleavage accentuates the halter neckline.

V neck – Pendant necklaces forming a V contour are flattering and beads that fall just below the neckline are also idea for the popular V neck.

Collared neck – A slim choker works if you have a long neck, or else go with a slim pendant chain.

Boat neck – Matinee length or long necklaces like diamonds By The Yard or multi strand beaded necklaces balance the wide neckline.

Cowl neck – The neckline already draws attention. So go with a short and dainty necklace to keep it simple.

Sweetheart neckline – Pendant chain necklaces or chunky necklaces are the most flattering styles.

For the woman who wants to look her impeccable best, every time, we hope this blog helps make the dressing up decision process easier. After all, dressing up to look like a million bucks, is really a matter of choosing the perfect jewelry accessory from a wide, often confusing, and countless choice.

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