Wedding Bands

If you’re heading to the altar soon, here’s a primer on wedding band shopping that’s sure to help you along. Remember these tips to make the transition from ‘yes’ to ‘I do’ as effortless as possible.

Do set a budget like you did for the engagement ring. The general rule of thumb is that you’ll spend about 3 percent of your total wedding budget on the wedding bands.

Do start your search early. Give yourself at least three months before the wedding date for ring shopping. In addition to size trials, style decisions etc., you will need that extra time if you’re set on a custom ring or if you are planning to have them engraved.

Do buy a wedding band that sits well with your engagement ring so that they don’t rub each other the wrong way!

Do get the wedding bands that reflects each of your personal style and taste. While it’s always great if couples’ tastes and styles align, for most of us, that may not be true.  If she’s from Venus and you from Mars, don’t feel pressured to play twinsies with similar wedding band choices.

Do keep your lifestyles in mind while buying the wedding band. There’s no point in buying a pricey ring that you need to keep removing often. If you work with your hands, play sports or an instrument, go for a simple slim ring with a comfort fit.

Do choose a wedding band in the same metal as your engagement ring. Metals that seemingly look alike, wear differently. While platinum and white gold combination may look similar, after many years of wear and tear, the rings could end up looking very different.

Do pick a wedding band that is similar in width as the engagement ring. You don’t want an engagement ring to be overshadowed by the wedding band.

Do remember to insure your wedding bands along with your other bridal jewelry. Additionally, do take pictures of your wedding ring for insurance purposes.

Don’t go for ring size trials in extreme temperatures, when it’s too hot or cold outside or after a binge of alcohol and salty chips. All these factors can distort your finger size.

Don’t make the wedding band an afterthought. It is always helpful to glance at bridal sets while you’re in the market shopping for engagement rings. This is especially helpful, if you’re likely to invest in an unusual engagement ring.

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