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The time has finally come. You’re getting engaged. Congrats! Now, let’s get to work. Before you choose anything else, you’ve got to decide what type of engagement ring she’ll love most. Part of that answer has to do with this question: what kind of metal is best?

Here’s a rundown of your possible metal choices for any fine piece of jewelry.

Precious Platinum

Platinum is tough as nails and will surely keep your diamond or gemstone super secure and well protected. It’s a rare, naturally white metal that is approximately 95% pure.

This lovely pure-white metal has unique non-reflective qualities so it doesn’t cast a tint onto any stone set into it. Platinum is 95 percent pure and 100% perfect for any engagement ring, wedding band, or well-worn jewelry item.

Yellow Gold

ENR6332-DYD-14Y_2When used in engagement rings or jewelry, yellow gold is solid choice. It has long been the most popular jewelry setting, and, in fact, it’s the “real gold” that comes out of the mines. It’s turned into other gold colors with the addition of various alloys and rhodium plating.

Yellow gold is easily acquired, making it an easy and economically sound choice for many jewelry items. Set with any colored gemstone, yellow gold emits a lovely, magical hue. Not to mention, it also represents fidelity – perfect for engagement rings and wedding bands.

White Gold

White gold has become widely popular for jewerly, especially as an engagement ring setting. Considered the metal of friendship, white gold adds a certain luster and sophistication, not found with other metals. Plus like most gold, it’s remarkably durable.

Rose Gold

Hidalgo RingRose (pink) gold, the metal most associated with love, is pink tinted with a copper alloy, giving it a rosy tone, flush with promise. It’s durable and compliments any skin tone making it truly stunning for any piece of jewelry.

Truly pretty in pink, rose gold is a romantic, and somewhat whimsical, metal sure to make anyone blush.


This silver-white metal resembles platinum without the possibility of tarnishing and it’s extremely flexible, making it a great metal for fine and intricate designs. Palladium is also hypoallergenic, so for those who are afraid of wear other metals, they’ll be itching for anything in palladium. And, as an aside, it is usually less costly.

What Metal Works for You?

In the end, choosing the best metal for you is all about personal preference. Some may be a bit stronger, while others are more malleable, there are cost differences and real differences in appearance. But when it comes down to it, the fine metal you choose should best fit the unique look you want to create, and the memories you want to keep forever.

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