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“The lovely Aquamarine, which seems to have come from some mermaid’s treasure house, in the depths of a summer sea, has charms.”  – Pliny, ancient philosopher

Happy birthday March babies! Aquamarine is your birthstone. And for those among you who are enjoying their 19th year of wedded bliss, do consider aquamarine as an anniversary gift as it is believed to re-ignite passion and romance. Now did you know that this gemstone belongs to the beryl family and is a close cousin to emerald? Bet you didn’t…Read on to discover other such fun facts about aquamarines.

What’s in a name?

Aquamarine gets its name from the Latin word “aqua marina” which means “sea water”, representing the range of blue, blue-green, & sea green shades reflected by this gemstone.

How it’s born?

Aquamarine’s parents are magma and rain water. When the duo mix together, aquamarine is born. The mineral iron is the Godparent that affects the shade of blue that the gemstone acquires. Heat treated aquamarines become permanently blue as heat removes the unattractive hues leaving behind the gorgeous sea water color.

Ancient folklore

Romans and Greeks thought that aquamarine was a gemstone favored by their respective Gods of the sea, Neptune and Poseidon. When encountered with any peril at sea, sailors would simply toss their aquamarine amulets into the sea to appease the Gods and ask for safe passage. In the medieval times, aquamarines were referred to as ‘magic mirrors’ capable of predicting the future.

World famous aquamarines

Hirsh Aquamarine, a huge 109.92 carat gemstone belonged to the House of Louis XV. A pendant was fashioned out of this famous aquamarine. It was crafted out of 18k white gold, and decorated with 118 diamonds.

Brazilian government gifted Eleanor Roosevelt with a 1298 carat aquamarine in 1936, which the First Lady donated to the Roosevelt Presidential Museum. To this day, aquamarines mined from Santa Maria in Brazil are prized stones and fetch higher values in the market.

Unusual Uses

Aquamarines were believed to enhance youth, foresight, courage, happiness, and reduce effect of poisons. In Germany, thin aquamarine crystals were worn as eye glasses to correct shortsightedness.

Official Gemstone

In 1971, Colorado, United States chose Aquamarine as its state gemstone.

Tough like diamond, this gemstone is increasingly becoming a stone of choice in engagement rings, promise rings and the likes, perhaps because it has come to symbolize faithfulness and friendship.

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